3 Tips for Finding Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

Ex-cancer sufferers are regarded with skepticism by insurance companies.  In most cases, they will be rejected. The only exception is no exam life insurance.  Companies selling this policy are more tolerant towards this type of people. We present you 3 tips for finding life insurance for former cancer patients:

Cancer_patient31)     Talk with people with similar condition as yours.  Former cancer patients know that they represent a special kind of people and they try to connect with each other. You will find blogs and forums dedicated and administrated by former cancer patients. You can search there for topics related to life insurance for former cancer sufferers.

Ask questions, follow relevant topic, note the names of the companies mentioned there and trusted by people. There is a good chance you will find a reliable insurer that accepts ex-cancer patients as clients.

2)     Talk with a specialized life insurance agent. Impaired-risk specialists are insurance agents with experience in working with sick people. Some of them have specialized in finding life insurance for former cancer patients. You should ask for this kind of people.

Contact business governmental services and ask for this type of independent broker or you can do some online searches. Once you have found a good broker (always check if that person is licensed and if it has received many complaints or not), you should collaborate closely and explain your case. In return, he will tell you available offers, papers needed for underwriting and it can give you some quotes.

3)     Search for life insurance quotes for former cancer patients. Life insurance quotes are designed for multiple policies and multiple categories of people.  Some companies have designed quotes for cancer patients. Most of these companies sell no exam life insurance policies. So, it would be a good idea to search for no exam life insurance quotes for former cancer patients.

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