Can No Exam Life Insurance Cover Funeral Costs?

Since funeral costs are getting very expensive, many people are looking for affordable and smart ways of covering the costs. No exam life insurance plans are accessible and they offer enough coverage to pay for a burial ceremony.

Funeral5An average funeral, including taxes, can take out of a family’s households fund over $9,000 and the prices are on the rise. This means that by the time of your death, your burial ceremony may cost over $10,000.

If your family doesn’t have the money to pay for last expenses, you can purchase life coverage. Life insurance pays proceedings if and after you die. The money can help your loved ones cover your funeral expenses.

How much coverage is necessary?

It is recommended to buy life coverage of at least $30,000. This will be enough to cover for any funeral ceremony and it will provide some income for your family. If you have dependents, covering last expenses is not enough. You will need to make sure that your family will be able to survive on insurance proceedings for at least several months.

How to buy a policy?

The fastest way to purchase coverage is skipping medical examinations. By purchasing a no exam life insurance policy you will be covered in less than 24 hours. These plans have a simple application and underwriting process: they do not take into account many medical details. A simple questionnaire is enough for them to determine whether you are eligible for a plan and to calculate your rates.

Agencies will also review your medical history and other aspects of your lifestyle. If you smoke, drink and are a young reckless driver life insurance premiums will be very expensive.

Not everyone can qualify for life insurance without medical examinations. People who have AIDS or are currently suffering of any form of cancer are not eligible. Neither are patients who have been declared terminally ill and have less than 12 months to live.

The best way to buy life insurance is by searching for online quotes. You can do this for free on our website. Visit us and find out more about life insurance!