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3 Tips for Finding Life Insurance for Former Cancer Patients

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Ex-cancer sufferers are regarded with skepticism by insurance companies.  In most cases, they will be rejected. The only exception is no exam life insurance.  Companies selling this policy are more tolerant towards this type of people. We present you 3 tips for finding life insurance for former cancer patients: 1)     Talk with people with similar condition as yours.  Former cancer patients know that they represent a special kind of people and they try to connect

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Diabetes Underwriting for Elderly Life Insurance!

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Among the many diseases that haunt us, diabetes has its special place. This illness is chronic and its effects are on long term, forcing us to change our lifestyle and diet. Being old and suffering of diabetes is an unpleasant condition, dreaded by many. Only those that are suffering can tell how much they have to endure. This condition influences not only the body of the persons, but also its economy. Besides money on treatments,

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How To Get Life Insurance Over 65 If You Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition!

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Having a pre-existing medical condition should not stop you from getting life coverage! Seniors older than 65 years can find life insurance to cover their funeral taxes and provide financial security for their love done. Life insurance for over 65 years-old persons is available from many agencies. Having a terminal illness, is unfortunately, more common during the last years of our life. Seniors can sometimes develop various heart problems or other diseases like diabetes and

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