Diabetes Underwriting for Elderly Life Insurance!

Among the many diseases that haunt us, diabetes has its special place. This illness is chronic and its effects are on long term, forcing us to change our lifestyle and diet. Being old and suffering of diabetes is an unpleasant condition, dreaded by many. Only those that are suffering can tell how much they have to endure.

diabetes2This condition influences not only the body of the persons, but also its economy. Besides money on treatments, a diabetes sufferer must spend more on life insurance, assuming that he or she obtained it.  Finding life insurance when you are sick and old is pretty difficult, but we can tell you more about diabetes underwriting for elderly life insurance.

Basically, you have 3 options: senior term life insurance, senior whole life insurance and no medical exam life insurance. In most cases, term life insurance is the most difficult to acquire, because insurers focus mainly on your health status and having a pre-existing medical condition is almost always a reason to reject a person.

You will have better luck with the remaining policies. Even so, your chances of being covered are depending on some key factors.  You will be accepted as client only if your condition is manageable and you are capable of keeping your diabetes under controls.

You will be asked to take medical exams and present some medical records. Insurance agencies want to know the type of diabetes you are suffering of, for how long you have it and if you are using any treatment.

In order to find all available offers, you should ask the help of an insurance agent. Let him assess all the necessary data, analyze your case and provide a solution. He will tell you if he knows companies more tolerant towards diabetes sufferers and approximate the premium costs. You can also compare online life insurance quotes for diabetics.

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